stellaMs. Nicholson is a private practitioner and president of Stella M. Nicholson and Associates, Lombard, Illinois where she counsels Adult Children of Alcoholics/Co-dependents, alcoholics/addicts, couples, and specializes in the treatment of families and children.

She has worked in the addiction and mental health field since 1978. In addition to her practice, Ms. Nicholson has served as a consultant/trainer to numerous treatment facilities, mental health organizations, hospitals, schools and institutions regarding program development and implementation Her commitment is to help people to put the pieces of their lives together again Ms. Nicholson has also authored two workbooks.

In addition to her skill Ms. Nicholson also conducts intervention to families who have a loved one who is suffering with substance abuse.


Take the first step to help. Call or Email Mrs. Stella Nicholson now – (630) 620-5100


Visit Mrs. Stella Nicholson at Psychology Today .


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